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Hi all! I'm starting up my own shop for cloth pads on etsy. i have developed myself a pattern and know what materials i am going to use. I know that diapers often go hand in hand with pads and there's a LOT of compliance involved. labeling and such.... I'm not looking to sell diapers but I cannot find anything in the way of the required compliance for cloth pads. is there none since it's not a children's product? any info or links would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!! :)
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What do you think?

A customer sent me a message today telling me how unhappy she was with part of her order, she said the two pads on the left were unuseable because the fleece rippled when snapped.padsam I being overly sensitive or is this nitpicky?  I already refunded an order this morning for complaints about the pads looking like crap after the customer washed them and now I'll have to refund these.  I am worn out and really considering not doing custom orders after I get caught up.  I have mostly wonderful customers but the needy ones wear me out.
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Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Christine, mum of 4 and owner of Earthwise Girls: http://www.earthwisegirls.co.uk - this is my online store where I sell cloth menstrual pads, menstrual cups, menstrual sponges, plus a range of natural bodycare and hair products including crystal deodorants, shampoos and other odds and ends.

I've also got a Facebook group where I run regular competitions:

I look forward to getting to know everyone.  I don't make my own, my abilities with a sewing machine seem to extend to breaking them rather than creating anything useful, so I bow to your greater knowledge if you're gifted with the sewing!  Happy to talk to you if you make pads and are interested in me stocking your brand, just get in touch.


Hey Ladies!!

Hey Ladies,

My name is Ashley & I help around on www.clothbank. net. It's a really interesting site that allows you to 'deposit' (so to speak) your unwanted mama cloth into a "bank" and buy & sell using "shares".  It' s not a real bank, and there is no real money involved. You post your new or used unwanted cloth on the site, and hang onto it til someone decides they want it, then they send you 'shares' for it, you go to the real life PO and mail it to them. Then with the shares you've earned, you can purchase new cloth from the 'bank'. We'd like to get more members signed up (I It's totally free!! No real $$ on that site!!) so the more that sign up and start using it, the more of a cloth selection there'll be!! :)

Also, this site was founded by the nicest, most helpful lady (Laura) Please just check the site out....I'm sure it'll be something you ladies will be interested in!!!!


Pad GrabBag

New Pads!

Just a quick note to let everyone know I am back up and running in the pad section of my etsy shop!

I've been on a sewing frenzy of late, and boy do I have pads to show! Lots and lots of new pads - and more on the way soon!

I now offer a grab bag of various patterned liners as well as the usual medium and heavy/overnight pads!

Please feel free to check out my etsy shop:

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More than one shop?

How do you manage having a shop in more than one location? Online, I mean.

I have one shop on etsy and another hosted by congocart. I'm really really happy with the congocart shop right now, but I still feel loyalty to etsy and I also know that etsy has a different customer base -- and it's easier for women new to cloth to browse on etsy...

So what do you do? List the same pads on two places? Or do you keep them totally separate?

I've been working on a website...

And I was hoping for some feedback if that's ok? Contsructive critisism is fine and welcomed :)

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It's sitting on my ISP's free webspace at the moment, don't know if I will splash out on a domain at this stage.

It doesn't have a shopping cart, just points to TradeMe where I sell my pads. But it does have lots of info. I'm actually a bit worried it might be too busy with info - overwhelming perhaps? I tend to ramble a bit.

TIA, Kimber