twenty6colors (twenty6colors) wrote in clothpadsellers,

Belated Intro

23 Female, Rochester NY, USA

I started making pads for myself and a few friends a few months ago and while I searched for patterns and techniques I came to find that there is actually a market for this kind of thing! So, I'm starting to *try* to sell some on Etsy for now. I'm also taking a hiatus from school until further notice (I hope not too long, but I have to concentrate on me right now and pull some things together before I can think of returning), which opens up some free time for crafting. At the encouragement of a fellow craftaholic and seller of a ton of different crafts, I'll also be trying to make some other random pad-related items (wipes, etc) and handbags, etc etc, for sale. Right now there's not much posted... more to come soon I hope!

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