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Hiya :) I'm Kimber, I've been using (and making) cloth pads since not long after my 15 month old daughter was born. Making pads became an addiction and because you so can have too many I started selling them very recently. Terribly small scale ;)

I make winged AIOs, I like flannel prints, hemp or bamboo for absorbancy, and usually use nylon for water-resistance but sometimes use PUL instead. I'm thinking about getting some organic fabrics and making some organic pads :)

At the moment I'm selling on TradeMe - a New Zealand auction site, and am currently working on a wee website just to hold information and a gallery maybe.

If you want to have a gander, I have a gallery of my past pads here.

I was working on an exciting 'trading' name but can't come up with anything that doesn't sound incredibly cheesy, so at this stage I am going to be boring and be 'Kimber's Cloth Pads'. Is that awful?
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