twenty6colors (twenty6colors) wrote in clothpadsellers,

pads for sale! (and a pad up for trade/giveaway)


get 'em while they're hot girls! i just uploaded a TON!

i also have one for trade or free to a good home if no one offers a trade.
i was experimenting in heavy pads, which i've never made before. this is a first attempt, i'm not happy with it. i think it looks wonky, but i'm a perfectionist. maybe one of you will dig it.

it's 10" long, 3" wide when closed. this is super duper heavy, i think, but who knows... i dont use heavy pads, no need, so i'm not sure how to guage it. would probably make a sufficient post-partum pad.three layers of egyptian cotton terry. actually, it's two layers with a third small cut of terry applied to the center of the pad for added reinforcement, so it's just three layers in the center.

if you're interested in a trade i'm open to accepting regular pads or liners, but preferably nothing over 7-8" in length. if there are no traders interested i'm happy to send this off to anyone that wants it, it'll just collect dust here : )


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