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Intro - Obsidian Star

I'll start then shall I...

I'm Obsidian, and I'm an Australian pad maker (been using cloth pads since 1999, and selling since 2004 I think). I make mostly PUL waterproofed AIOs (hemp core and various fabrics for tops and backing) in a winged and non-winged shape, and I sort of specialise in long and large pads. But I do a bit of most things (organic cotton, pocket pads, base and insert pads, pantyliners). I generally don't do pads not waterproofed with PUL though. I leave that up to other people.

I have a website at http://www.obsidianstar.net, and an online store at http://www.obsidianstar.wahmweb.com, and I also have a store in an all mother and baby site http://www.ozebaby.com.au (though it's closed at the moment as I'm out of stock).

I started doing only custom orders as every time I made up instock pads it seemed the customers wanted that fabric but in a different style or length of pad... but then as I got more busy it became more hassle to do only custom orders and I quite like having the stores where I can stock them when I want with whatever I like :) But I'm still doing custom orders, just not as much.

From a businessy point of view, I've been running my own online business since 1999 - before I started with the pads... and my family have pretty much always run their own businesses.

I figure there are plenty enough customers around for us all... and the more people buying cloth pads the better, so I'm not too secretive about anything and I like to encourage new businesses - even pad making ones. I don't see them as competition... just variety! I also like to buy pads from other businesses, not to check out the competition, but just because its sometimes nice having a pad you didn't make.
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