Hiya :) I'm Kimber, I've been using (and making) cloth pads since not long after my 15 month old daughter was born. Making pads became an addiction and because you so can have too many I started selling them very recently. Terribly small scale ;)

I make winged AIOs, I like flannel prints, hemp or bamboo for absorbancy, and usually use nylon for water-resistance but sometimes use PUL instead. I'm thinking about getting some organic fabrics and making some organic pads :)

At the moment I'm selling on TradeMe - a New Zealand auction site, and am currently working on a wee website just to hold information and a gallery maybe.

If you want to have a gander, I have a gallery of my past pads here.

I was working on an exciting 'trading' name but can't come up with anything that doesn't sound incredibly cheesy, so at this stage I am going to be boring and be 'Kimber's Cloth Pads'. Is that awful?
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Belated Intro

23 Female, Rochester NY, USA

I started making pads for myself and a few friends a few months ago and while I searched for patterns and techniques I came to find that there is actually a market for this kind of thing! So, I'm starting to *try* to sell some on Etsy for now. I'm also taking a hiatus from school until further notice (I hope not too long, but I have to concentrate on me right now and pull some things together before I can think of returning), which opens up some free time for crafting. At the encouragement of a fellow craftaholic and seller of a ton of different crafts, I'll also be trying to make some other random pad-related items (wipes, etc) and handbags, etc etc, for sale. Right now there's not much posted... more to come soon I hope!


Hi all!

I'm a newbie to cloth pads, but I've been using a DivaCup for about 1 year - about 5 months before my now 15 month old daughter was conceived and just the past 6 months since I stopped breastfeeding.

I'm a quilter by passion/hobby so sewing comes easy for me. Plus, I'm a member of a mom's group here in Colorado and am thinking of making cloth pads to sell to the local momma's and at faires around town. I've found a few sites w/ free downloadable patterns and am "tweaking" them to fit my personal needs first before I start fine-tuning them for customers.

I'm sure as time goes on, I'm going to be asking for you more experienced sellers for help, but for now, I'm just greatful y'all are here!




I am a beginer; I just started with cloth pads last November, and have so far made a grand total of 2 pads! I haven't even gotten to use cloth for a whole cycle yet (combination of irregularity, and being home), but I've done a lot of research, and I have a pretty good idea of what I like, and what I'll be making.

I'm a college student in America, and I'll probably sew all my pads by hand...unless I can find a very cheap sewing machine. I'm also limited as to what I can put in my pads, as I'm in a very small town, with a grand total of 3 fabric shops, one of which is a quilting store. List of things they don't have: pul, nylon, and hemp cloth that is more than 45% hemp. So most of what I make will be water-proofed with microfleece, and have several layers of flannel/towel, between 7 and 11 inches long.

I don't think this will get very big for me, as I am a student; I think rather it will be a source of pads for me, fun, and a little bit of side cash.

I do have a website, so once I get started, I'll post there, and also on ebay.

Intro - Obsidian Star

I'll start then shall I...

I'm Obsidian, and I'm an Australian pad maker (been using cloth pads since 1999, and selling since 2004 I think). I make mostly PUL waterproofed AIOs (hemp core and various fabrics for tops and backing) in a winged and non-winged shape, and I sort of specialise in long and large pads. But I do a bit of most things (organic cotton, pocket pads, base and insert pads, pantyliners). I generally don't do pads not waterproofed with PUL though. I leave that up to other people.

I have a website at, and an online store at, and I also have a store in an all mother and baby site (though it's closed at the moment as I'm out of stock).

I started doing only custom orders as every time I made up instock pads it seemed the customers wanted that fabric but in a different style or length of pad... but then as I got more busy it became more hassle to do only custom orders and I quite like having the stores where I can stock them when I want with whatever I like :) But I'm still doing custom orders, just not as much.

From a businessy point of view, I've been running my own online business since 1999 - before I started with the pads... and my family have pretty much always run their own businesses.

I figure there are plenty enough customers around for us all... and the more people buying cloth pads the better, so I'm not too secretive about anything and I like to encourage new businesses - even pad making ones. I don't see them as competition... just variety! I also like to buy pads from other businesses, not to check out the competition, but just because its sometimes nice having a pad you didn't make.


Just testing this out really, but when you join the group, please feel free to post an intro of who you are and links to your wares ;) I'll add all the stores to the info page for a bit of advertising for us all.
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